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Working for Progressive Organizations

Learning Technical Skills

Data Science



GIS & Maps


Formal Training

This is a limited selection of schools and programs, but they’ve all been helpful to people who work in progressive politics.

Soft Skills

Project Management

  • Asana - Free task and project manager. Similar to JIRA but easier to set up; not quite the same level of detail as JIRA. People seem to be strongly pro or against Asana.
  • JIRA - Issue tracker. For under 10 users is about $200 a year; price scales up dramatically after that; Probably the most complicated of the options for setup but is great for both short term & long term once you are setup; Integrates with lots of things including hipchat & github
  • Trello - free! Super easy to use, but does not necessarily have the level of detail some shops needs. Has far fewer integrations.
  • Basecamp - There’s a “Classic” and an updated basecamp - fairly straightforward to set up; cost money; is better for longer term projects (a week or more)
  • KanbanFlow - light-weight system that scales very well from a single person/independent contractor situation up to smallish teams; free to use, $5/month for premium features.
  • Confluence

People Management