We’re a group of volunteers who care about increasing equity and inclusion within progressive data, analytics, and technology.

The core organizers help facilitate different projects and the overall direction, and the project members have ownership over their work. We are always looking for more people to get involved.

The core organizers include Kass DeVorsey, Dessa Gypalo, Cristina Sinclaire, and Annie J. Wang. You can contact us at contact@crackthecode.io.

Project members have included the following:

  • INDEX MATCH (2018): Ameer Patel, Cindy Sui, and Cristina Sinclaire (with help from Riki Conrey on the matching)

  • Salary Survey (2018): Anna Cooper, Audra Grassia, Chelsea Harris, Lizzie Ellis, and Sandhya Anathamaran

  • Multi-City Happy Hour (2018): Dessa Gypalo (Chicago), Lena Tom (Chicago), Matthew Saniie (Chicago), Andrew Greenberg (Denver), Kate Duch (Denver), Garrett Fardon (Denver), Andy Perry (LA)

  • Crack the Code Conference (2018): Bridgit Donnelly, Anna Cooper, Kass DeVorsey, Jess Garson, Dessa Gypalo, Cristina Sinclaire, Annie J. Wang, Maya Yair

  • Data Matchmaking (2017)*: Bridgit Donnelly, Cristina Sinclaire

  • Salary Survey (2017)*: Annie J. Wang

  • Data Matchmaking (2016)*: Lena Tom

  • Crack the Code Conference (2016): Anna Cooper, Kass DeVorsey, Dessa Gypalo, Cristina Sinclaire, Annie J. Wang

  • Salary Survey (2016)*: Kass DeVorsey, Amit Mistry, Annie J. Wang

Events marked with * were not affiliated with Crack the Code at the time but have since become affiliated.